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J1 USA Visa - Costs

Step 1 Programme Fee
Job Placement (I need a job) - €399
Self-Placement (I have my own job) - €288

Fly into any city in the USA

Step 2 Choose your flights

When you book your J1 with SAYIT you will have access through your personalised J1 account to a LIVE J1 Flight Booking Engine. You choose direct flights / flights via UK. You will see the flight price BEFORE you book it. You decide on the date of travel, airline, destination and route! This way you can see which date it's cheaper to travel and which airline. Our flight booking engine includes special J1 fares which we have negociated with all the major airlines including Delta, Continental, British Airways, Virgin or United Airlines.

If you're travelling with friends you can avail of our unique group flight booking facility where we can ensure that you will travel together on the same flight.

Step 3 Add Insurance

5 Months Insurance - €285

Step 4 Add compulsory extras

Embassy Sevis Fee - €35

Embassy Fee - $160

US Sim Card - FREE

Step 5 Total your J1 price
Optional Extra

Exam Failure Insurance - FREE

Insures you to fly home and resit exams and fly back out!

You can fly into any city in the USA.

Our Programme gives you the freedom and flexibility to fly into any major city in the USA.

Exam Failure Insurance

Provided you have no knowledge of your exam results prior to your departure to the US & you have purchased insurance before sitting your exams. Under US Government Regulations, it is not permissible to spend more than 30 days outside of the US.

Exam failure insurance works when and if you find out (while in the USA) that you have failed an exam, you contact SAYIT and advise when you would like to travel home to resit your exams. You also advise SAYIT if you would like to fly back out to the USA. SAYIT will then if possible change your original ticket to fly home and book a new ticket to your original J1 destination if required. If we can't find availability to change your ticket then we will book a new ticket for you to fly home and back out to the USA and you will use the original ticket to fly back home as planned at the end of the summer. You must pay the costs involved in this at the time of the change and then submit your receipt to the insurance company. Only travel purchased through SAYIT is covered by the insurance company.

Note: Only participants who have been invoiced and paid for exam insurance are eligible for claims from the insurance company. It is the students responsibility to check their invoice to make sure they have taken out exam failure insurance.

In addition, we also provide you with...

We provide you with a DS2019 visa application form, which enables you to obtain a J1 work/travel visa. The J1 visa allows you to work during your university summer break for up to four months plus a 30-day grace period allocated for travel. Your DS2019 form is proof that you are authorised to work in the US. The DS2019 validates your J1 visa. We will assist you in completing your Embassy Documents (DS160 form).

Pre-departure Orientation

Our staff help you prepare for your job, also give you access to a detailed handbook full of practical information.